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I wanted to create and replicate the undulations of a record where the label is attached, so I initially attempted to emboss by rubbing a spoon over a piece of paper on top of a record centre label. The results were underwhelming so I decided to make an embossing form from cardboard.


Again I used a spoon although the results were better but still not sharp enough. So I reused the cardboard ring offcut and used a roller, sandwiching the paper between the form and the offcut. The results were much sharper.


I fashioned a burnisher from a scrap of cardboard to accommodate the circular embossed form but I felt this could facilitated by creating a negative version of the base so that the paper can be properly sandwiched without the need for burnishing.


Here I have used some tape to fix the inner ring in position. This is a bit flimsy so I glued the top section onto a piece of card.



Although the embossing was successful I was concerned that the quality would deteriorate from wear and tear of the cardboard form. I felt it was necessary to have a form made from something more substantial.


Here are the tools required:
The form in two parts, top and bottom
A roller
A scalpel
A leather punch
A hammer
A pencil
A stencil (this one is made from glass)


This is laser etched wood and I have inserted dowels for accurate registration.


Place a sheet of paper between and used a roller to emboss.


Flip the form over, as this is the top, and draw a circle through the hole.


Use a leather punch and a hammer to pierce the spindle hole.


If you cannot find a suitable circular paper cutter then use a stencil to cut out the label. I used a piece of coloured glass as I have a circular glass cutter. I also flipped the paper over so that the stencil sits in the outer edge recess, making it easier to line up and cut with a scalpel.

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