Notes1 – Resistance Through Rituals

I have now migrated from MA Glass to MA Fine Art. It is now my intention to focus on the research that I was undertaking for the first module. I am researching dance subcultures and I felt it was necessary to read the influential, despite subsequent criticism, paper “Resistance Through Rituals” from the Centre of Contemporary Cultural Studies (CCCS) at Birmingham University. The following notes I have taken outline their approach.

Edited by Stuart Hall and Tony Jefferson


Paper published in 1976 – The Centre of Contemporary Cultural Studies, University of Birmingham. Examines the of “Youth Culture” relation to class culture.

The format and intention of this paper:

  1. To indicate the range
  2. To provide empirical substantiation
  3. To develop a theoretical point, issue or argument which connects the main themes outlined in the ‘overview’

Howard Becker’s Outsiders used as a starting point which signalled a break from mainstream sociology using an intersectional (labelling) perspective. It viewed action as process rather than event and asserted that deviance was a social construct, the power to label others. However it was not comprehensive enough as as it did not mention that deviance had other origins besides public labelling.
This paper examined social action and social reaction with its involvement in the mugging project. This empirical direct engagement sprung from concerns about the severe judicial reaction to the “Hansworth Case”. Regressing to a transactionalist perspective was to be avoided using more mediated questions regarding shifts of class and power and the relation to these activities.


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