Technical Journal ­ Results of Screen­-printing Powder

After firing the powder in the kiln I was underwhelmed with the results. The Brilliant Schwarz was not so brilliant. I was expecting an opaque black, the result was grey. Also due to the high temperature the float glass picked up the texture of the kiln shelf.


However the images were surprisingly sharp around the edges. The middle example on the left was the best and that was 6 runs through the screen.


My conclusions are that screen printing dry powder seems to be successful. The images were pretty sharp around the edges and holds the image well. The choice of colour Brilliant Schwarz didn’t “strike” to a darker colour black and was a little too grey. Fusing at 825ºC caused the back of the panel to pick up the texture of the kiln shelf. This could be resolved by firing on to fine ceramic paper. I will continue this test using coloured powder. I will also try a coarser screen to pull the powder through.


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