Tutorial with Alan Morris 24/1/18 and Kim Charnley 30/1/18

Tutorial – 24/01/3018 – Alan Morris

We discussed my reservations about the designs that I created and we both agreed that a more conservative approach to the aesthetic would be more suitable. We discussed the logistics of creating large-scale architectural glass and the resources available at college and I pointed out that most artists do not fabricate their own work due to the scale of these types of projects. Alan pointed out that my practice is probably design led and the making is in the form of samples and maquettes.


Tutorial – 30/1/18 – Kim Charnley

We discussed the background research that I have undertaken and the interesting directions that I have attempted to adapt to the design, which may form the basis of other projects. Kim agreed that I was right to think about the suitability of my designs in relation to the client. We discussed developing designs to scale and how this will be realised in glass with colour, texture etc. Kim suggests that I think in parallel to this and look at glass in an interdisciplinary context as a way of exploring the background research that I have undertaken, for example subculture. This module might include more than one line of examination around architectural glass. Contemporary art includes glass, eg vitrines etc. Kim thought it would be interesting to separate my enquiry into a design and contemporary art context, exploring the same research.

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