Refining the Design

I decided to produce scaled-up sketches of both windows, from 1/10th to 1/5th, to get a better idea of how the imagery works.


Scan 2

I feel that the imagery is unsuitable for the site. There is too much emphasis on the subcultural which would probably work in a club in Ibiza, not a dance studio at boarding school. The labanotation on the floor of each corridor will refer to gestures alluding to the subcultural references, so the smiley face and mirrorball are unnecessary as I want these gestures and moves to be discovered by the viewer. The corridor in perspective refers to the architectonic stage of Schlemmer and Gropius, there is also a suggestion of computer games such as Tomb Raider. The architectonic stage is illustrated by Oskar Schlemmer’s Figur und Raumlineatur below.

Figur und Raumlineatur

Figur und Raumlineatur

I have decided to simplify the imagery so that the labanotation is the focal point. The sketches show that the notation is fighting with all the other images; the corridor and the subcultural signs and signifiers are battling for attention. I have decided to retain the perspective as this added movement and dynamism to the previous design. This is a rough sketch of the revised design.


After a lot of time consuming research into labanotation I have finally completed the notation for these windows that I want to present.


There are four gestures for each. The top is quite complicated as I had to include the positions of the palms of the hands. The bottom “staff” is mainly arm gestures spelling four letters. I will probably create digital versions of my notation so that they can be manipulated to create a perspective view. then I can finally experiment with glass and look at colour and texture.

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