Final Design?

After recent tutorials and looking at the labanotation that I created of the simple hand/arm gestures, I felt that there was no need to actually used these as they have no relevance to the site and the client.


So I have decided to use the notation as a graphic assemblage of the signs and symbols.

Scan 2

Both designs still use the “staff” in perspective to add dynamism and movement, whereas the supporting symbols are flat 2D. I have played with the scale of the symbols so small symbols appear larger than they normal, and visa versa for the larger signs.
The layout suggests that these symbols and signs should be annotated in some way, rather like in a page layout in a “How to Do” book. I managed to create vector drawings of both windows to full size so that I can print out a full size cartoon of each design.

left_window right_window

There is still the potential to tweak these but I feel I need to get these designs onto glass where I can finally experiment with colour and texture.

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