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I am currently looking to finally get some images after some research. I have followed the advice from the tutorials and I have been looking into Labanotation, choreography and dance sub-cultures. I have to admit that Labanotation is a bit ambiguous to understand and it is not intuitive to the uninitiated. However I believe this will work in my favour as the initial response may be that of bemusement from the viewer and then to discover that the routines illustrated are of a non-theatrical tradition, may amuse the viewer. Dance music and club culture are a source of inspiration, offering alternative choreographies of an informal nature.

Music sub-cultures such as Disco, Northern Soul,Hip Hop and House Music have always interested me. The informal performative nature of these predominantly working-class sub-cultures offer an edgy alternative to the theatrical tradition of classical and contemporary dance. It was interesting to read Adrian Piper’s essays about disco and funk as a politically defiant expression of sexuality. Highlighting the hypocrisy of detractors as they “attempt to eradicate their own uncontrollable impulses” (Piper, 1975). Transgender Bathroom Bill anyone? Also Halifu Osumare discussed the global phenomenon of breakdancing as a method of resolving disputes and its expression of the signifying (Dissing) tradition prevalent in African-American popular culture.

I have also looked at the work of Bauhaus artist/choreographer, Oskar Schlemmer, who seems to have been treated as a minor footnote in the history of the Bauhaus. The famous Bauhaus parties enabled him to design costumes and geometric set designs have influenced contemporary fashion designers, such as Issay Miyake and choreographers such as William Forsythe.

I’m collating an image bank of dancing figures, gestures, musical ephemera with a view to create an assemblage or collage of imagery. I briefly mentioned to Kim Charnley that in “the real world” I would not have this opportunity to research deeply into these subjects, but the research that I will eventually undertake into the technical aspects of architectural glass will broaden the research into something that is not so specific to this brief that I am using as a structure for this module.

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