Tutorial with Kim Charnley – 14th November 2017

We discussed the Stevens Glass Prize brief and Kim though it would be useful to use this to model the considerations of for a brief of this kind. Look at different ways of visualising my thought processes about light, space and movement. So I will use Google Sketchup to produce a number of copies to help me visualise the relationship between the two windows.

I have been looking at various methods to present the notion of movement. Either figuratively through drawing and mark making, possibly using motion capture software as used by animator and digital games designers.

We also discussed what kind of cultural form is dance and Kim suggested looking at the work of Oskar Schlemmer to see now art/design/dance may interact in the avant garde. I have also been looking into Constructivist theatre productions and contemporary dance. I mentioned choreographer Michael Clark as a better known contemporary dance choreographer.

I am interested in dance sub-cultures and it’s influence to artistic practices and Kim though the subcultural dimension of dance would be an interesting and worth exploring. For example Carl Slater and Mark Leckey’s “Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore”

Which leads onto the question of how can dance be explored and represented in architectural glass?

Kim note that I an establishing design principles for my work in glass design and this would allow me to develop a research process in the domain of architectural glass. My research question will probably be restated to how does the research into dance interplay with the technical limitations and potential of architectural glass, that as a form involves image/material/light/relationship to space.

The key goal

To generate lots of image research and visualisation of the space/potential design so that I can see and identify different possibilities that I may pursue.

dance studio x3

Goggle Sketchup visualisation of the dance studio

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