Tutorial with Gayle and Glenn – 2nd November 2017

This tutorial could not come quick enough for me. I have been ruminating about community engagement and how that would possibly inform my work. I feel that this is an issue that will have to be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Glenn pointed out that with site specific projects, public engagement is also about the space and how it is used and by who occupies the space. Involving the public in the creative process or running workshops as a part of a residency is usually specified in the brief.

I mentioned my interest in photography and graphics/typography and potentially laser-etching a colour photograph, whereby each process colour (CMYK, cyan, magenta, yellow, ‘key’ or black) would be engraved, possibly to a different depth for each colour. This method may still require firing each colour separately. Four colour decals can be made but the quality is negligible and screen printing each colour would require accurate registration, as well as firing after each colour is printed.

We discussed the Stevens Glass Prize which is an annual architectural glass competition organised by The Worshipful Company of Glaziers and Painters of Glass. The commission is to design and make samples for a couple of windows for a dance studio at Eastbourne College. Gayle said in her tutorial notes that I should consider the space and decide which aspect of dance I want to explore, music, dance, rhythm, beats etc. Also try to attend life drawing classes and look at Abstract Expressionism like Pollock, abstract artists such as Kandinsky and also Paul Klee’s Thinking Eye book, Zaha Hadid, Jeff Sarmiento and Erin Dickinson. Even produce large-scale paintings. Also look into 3d Scanning

Maybe because I work with glass, I have always developed my ideas before engaging with the material. However these have been sketches working towards finished piece, whereas now the initial creative process is less mannered and procedural, working to a larger scale. I’m also looking to enrol in life drawing classes and try to develop a sense of movement and rhythm with the drawings and paintings.

This approach is new to me as glass will not be the main focus of experimentation it will be the development of ideas through painting and drawing instead of designing a finished piece.

I am going on a site visit to Eastbourne College on 9th November.

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