Tutorial with Gayle – 27/11/17

Gayle noted that my site visit to Eastbourne College was useful in gaining key information about the dimensions and the proportions of the room. The drawing I produced of the space in Google Sketchup will help with my design exploration.

Gayle also feels that Labanotation symbols have potential, especially with regards to semiotics and suggested looking at Carl Jung’s “Man and his Symbols” and Howard Rissatti’s Craft Theory book which also has a section about symbolism.

250px-Labanotation1 51604-004-C0558E67

I mentioned the various dances that could be interpreted using this system of recording movement. Potentially this could be slightly subversive by using dance moves that are used within the public sphere as opposed to contemporary dance practice. I’m quite keen to use the “raver’s” standard “Big fish, little fish, cardboard box” move that is really a bit of a micky-take of ravers and their rather basic dance expressions.


Coming in at number two is the wedding reception standard the “Hokey cokey”. There are other moves, such as the basic Northern soul shuffle and samba/salsa, however the criteria is that this moves are performed without a dancing partner.

Gayle thought it would be beneficial to visit a dance studio and take photos of the dancers within a dance space and also suggested looking at musical scores and play with composition/imagery. Also mentioned looking at Kandinsky’s book “Point and Line and Plane”. 

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