The Stevens Glass Prize 2018

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The Worshipful Company of Glaziers & Painters of Glass (‘The Glaziers’ Company’) has been running the prestigious annual Stevens Architectural Glass Competition since 1972. It is open to student glass artists and designers and those who have commenced their vocation in glass within the last eight years.

The 2018 Competition requires entrants to design two windows to be installed in a dance studio at Eastbourne College in East Sussex. The Glaziers’ Company is appreciative of the school’s support.

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The Full Brief 

I visited Eastbourne College where I was taken on a tour of the school, chapel and the new building site where the dance studio will be situated.



Photographs of some of the stained glass windows in the chapel at Eastbourne College

The finished windows in the dance studio should have a contemporary feel as it is situated within the new building. The studio will be used for extra-curricular activities but mainly contemporary dance, so the windows should not be traditional stained glass.

The left window from the back of the room

The left window from the back of the room

As you can see form the photograph above, the windows are rather small so the windows must let in plenty of light. They are West facing so there will be sun coming in from the left the afternoon.

The right window still under construction

The right window still under construction


A finished window in another room

A finished window in another room


The view from the right window

The view from the right window


The finished windows will be double glazed. The inner pane will be 6mm safety glass with the out-facing side which can have the design applied directly, or a separate panel which will sit between both panes of glass. I also need to include a logo of the sponsors.

I have a few techniques in mind regarding this brief:

  • Pinhole photography directly onto glass coated with silver nitrate
  • Contour-fused clear glass shapes. I did some test firings using greenhouse glass (see below)

20616819_1873987182864657_5593316277116997808_o 20626724_1874334749496567_2977726223940560302_o

  • Paint enamels/powder/frit onto glass
  • glass chalk and/or glass pen(Glassline)

I have a couple of printmaking inductions which i hope will inspire other possible techniques for experimentation.


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