MA Project Proposal

This is my project proposal for MA Glass at Plymouth College of Art. This is the basis of my research and will in due course be updated as I form research questions.

MA Project Proposal

I would like to focus on architectural glass and site-specific installations. During the 2nd year of my degree I had the opportunity to work on proposals for public arts briefs. These projects were inspired by the work of Bernhard Hubert and Alexander Beleschenko. Unfortunately I did not get to develop this fully during the course and I feel that this is unfinished business.


final design

Presentation boards for Unity Hall public arts commission, 2013


I am particularly interested in socially engaged practices and my BA dissertation discussed the community engagement of football ultras and their motives. I have attended seminars and spoken to architectural glass artist Kirsty Brooks about this and I feel that I need to focus on what my work can offer the community. I have been running taster sessions in stained glass but I feel there is a lot more I can offer.



Architecture has been a common theme with the cast-glass work that I have been doing. I am drawn to abstraction and geometry that is found in modernist architecture as well as an interest in typography, photography and printing processes.


I need to research more on community-led public art. Talks by visiting artist during my degree were a source of inspiration, particularly Keith Harrison and Michael Petry. I plan to investigate digital and traditional techniques including:
· 3D printing for texture and geometric patterns
· Graphics and surface design
· Photography
· Lamination and decals
· Printing on glass
· Painting and leaded glass

The final body of work would probably consist of project proposals, models and samples for presentations.”

I have already come to a bit of a dead-end with regards to the notion of socially engaged practices. I predict that this section of my proposal will change. Community engagement, like most site-specific artistic interventions, are not predetermined but are considered during the proposal stage of a commission. I have been researching artists who engage in architectural glass commissions and this aspect of the commission process does not seem to be apparent, particularly with private commissions.

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