Exercise – The Research Question

Scoping the Research Field – Notes

Practice-based or practice-led research.

Art practice is reflective
More focussed
More engaged with theory
Conscious experimentation
Challenging assumptions

Why do you need questions for research that’s practice-led?
To clarify your research
Ascertain your objectives
Plot your trajectory

Can develop the project although there is tension when developing research questions. Embrace uncertainty is difficult.
Questions establish parameters and there is a need to develop strategies when accumulating research. View this research as a passion or a hunch

Graduate School Symposium 7-2-18

Present/Report on development of the research
Map out what I am doing
Work in progress

Short Word Circle Task

Reflect on area of interest and choose 20-30 relevant words
From this list create a word circle
From this word circle, choose two or three words to create a question
Remember Why, Where, What, How
Try to create 4-5 questions
Answer these questions using “free writing” technique, don’t worry about grammar, spelling, syntax
Take words from the answers to form new questions
Discuss with peers
Use as prompts for making creative work

This technique is useful to overcome being stuck and to clarify your thinking and to keep it moving along.

My Word Circle Task


How can the inherent qualities of glass (light, texture) be used for public engaged artistic interventions?

What form can glass take to be a suitable medium for community engagement?
Usually windows, limits the format
Dangerous to work with if inexperienced
Can glass be a suitable medium for community engagement?
Discuss with peers
Add to our group presentation
Present my segment

“Can glass be a suitable material for public engagement?”


"r3Pr0b8s" Group presentation

“r3Pr0b8s” Group presentation

“ My question is, “Can glass be a suitable material for public engagement?”. I will first discuss the pros and cons of glass as a material.
Glass is beautiful
Can inspire, inform, present a narrative. Religious building for example.
Dangerous material to handle if inexperienced.
Health and Safety
Public liability
Difficult to work as you are limited to what you can do with glass.

The two photographs illustrate two aspects of community engagement.

The top photo is a project I did in the 2nd year of my BA, shows an example of the community contributing to the creative process. The Unity Hall used to be a well known popular venue for rock concerts in the 70s/80s. The plan was to get people to send in any mix tapes or bootleg tapes that may hold some special significance to that individual. The labels would be copied and sandblasted onto a central column of glass on the foyer.
The second photo is from a one-day taster session that I ran in stained glass. The participants were shown how to make a glass panel using the copper foil technique, which i walked through the process with them, demonstrating at each stage of the process. The community engagement was the participants creating their own panels with my assistance.”
My overview is that I need to investigate the “notion” of ownership within community based interventions.

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