Design 1: Reflection and Invention MADE101

We have received the first brief of the MA which focusses on experimentation.

“During this module, the main focus of your practice-based work will be experimentation. By questioning your own assumptions about craft and glass practice in particular, and placing conceptual development at the centre of your practice, you will challenge preconceptions about materials, their role in design and their status as bearers of meaning. You will begin to map the markets that might be appropriate for your work and to imagine your project at different levels of scale, as you examine what artisanal production means with the advent of the 4th industrial revolution. You will undertake inductions into equipment and processes in the 3D Design Crafts workshops in order to be able to use a range of technical procedures. You will be encouraged to try out research methods that allow you to think about what you do in new ways, risking failure so that you can understand better the potential of your project. Finally, you will be required to document and evaluate this experimentation, providing a clear record of how it has helped you to develop your thinking about your project.”

I made a few notes on this brief:

“Craft in this century is a recent invention”
Social awareness
Respect for tradition
Craft is a contemporary pursuit
Re-invented artisanal production

Respond to these issues. Explore and refine glass research project.

Question my assumptions about craft and glass
Conceptual development
Challenge preconceptions about materials, their role in design and their status as bearers of meaning
Map markets
Imagine project at different levels of scale
Examine what artisanal production means with the advent of the 4th industrial revolution
Try new research methods

Record thoughts and responses
Refine research project
Establish clear aims
Regularly evaluate progress

Demonstrate a systematic, organised enquiry into materials and processes.
Provide evidence of risk of failure and familiarise with ideas, approaches to my discipline in an intellectual context.

Body of Work

Experimental successes and failures to be included in evaluation:
Material tests
Technical journal
Contextual research

Evaluation 2,000 Words

Analysis of body of work include successes and failures and next steps.
Record of reading to identify theoretical context of the work.
Intellectual property considerations relating to the work.
Update research proposal to include aims for this experimental module.

Illustrated Journal (Blog)

Must be regularly updated
Record thought process
Contextual research
Response to talks and readings
Change of direction
Problems and solutions
Combine images, evidence and commentary
Ideally a blog or digital journal

Evidence of networking

Short contextual report explaining:
Trajectory of work
Cite relevant artists and research networks
Document efforts to contact

To do list

Set up blog
Keep maintain a technical journal
Research reading contextual research

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