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For the past couple of months I have been working on a commission to create 10 glass award plaques for Social Enterprise Gold Mark. They wanted A4 panels with removable brass engraving plates and use their logo as the main feature of the plaques. I created a presentation using Google Sketchup and I decided to use ground glass (frit) for the main logo.

SE Gold Mark SE Gold Mark2

The main logo would be a separate piece of fusing glass which would be laminated onto a base of float glass. The removable brass plate would be held in place using strips of brass “U” section, glued on its side top and bottom, so that the brass plate can slide out for engraving. The small logo in the bottom-left would be printed onto self-adheasive clear vinyl.

The main logo was made using circular fusing glass and the logo was heavily sand-blasted into the glass. I needed to create a recess for the fusing glue/gel so that the frit would fit accurately within the sand-blasted logo.


These were then put in the kiln to fuse.


There seemed to be a problem with the kiln. The pieces that were in the middle of the kiln came out okay but most of the pieces did not fire properly and needed to be fired again.

IMG_0206 IMG_0207

The bases of each plaque was cut and the edges ground and polished and the brass “rails” for the engraving plate were glued with epoxy resin. A mask covered the base so that we could sand-blast where the main logo would be laminated with Araldite 20/20.


After the lamination had set, the mask was removed and the plaques cleaned up with the vinyl logos cut out and stuck into position.


I managed to source some cardboard boxes for each plaque.


Here is one of the finished pieces and despite the technical issues I am pleased with the result.


The client was happy as well and even gave me another one-off commission!

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