!…2…3 and I’m back in the room!

Well back in the workshops at Plymouth College of Art to be precise. As a result of my Hothouse activities, I have kindly been allowed back to use the facilities on an informal residency. So I am currently working on a new body of work that is influenced by Constructivist architecture.

Copyright: Andrey Stvolinsky

My main focus has been on the grids and tessellation of windows, and the piece that I am working on uses the main round window of the Gosplan Garage by Konstantin Melinkov.

I started to make my model from clay but I decided to use polystyrene instead. I used wooden coffee stirrers for the window frames. However I had problems with gaps so I had to cut out, accurately, cartridge paper to cover these gaps.

From this I made a silicone mould so that I could make wax casts. There was problems with the window frame details breaking off or the wax not getting into the channels, so I did a silicone cast form the silicone mould which worked perfectly. I used the rest of the polystyrene ball to make a mould. This half-sphere mould could be filled or partially filled to create sections in wax, as if sliced in half or thirds.

I eventually made open-cast plaster/flint moulds of all the sections.

When these came out of the kiln, I set about grinding them smooth so that I can assemble them as complete pieces.

I plan to fuse the sections together by making moulds and stacking the sections within these moulds and firing them in the kiln.

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